Increasing Quality Lifespan

 Lesley Ranft is a veteran medical journalist and publicist with over 20 years of experience. With 800 plus peer reviewed articles in medical publications worldwide, Lesley has been well recognized for her contribution to medicine and has been featured in media outlets across the US. Notably her work on informed consent, tips for selecting

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Caregiving while Working

Liz O’Donnell is the founder of Working Daughter, an organization dedicated to keeping family caregivers in the workplace by making care and career compatible. Working Daughter advises companies on how to support employees and customers who are caregivers, supports people balancing eldercare and career though its thriving online community, issues the Best Places for Working

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Growing Young as You Age

Bill Dooley is an accredited exercise scientist with Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA), author, teacher and lecturer. He has been helping people to exercise for almost 20 years through one on one, small group and online sessions. Almost 8 years ago Bill started Growing Young which is a face to face and online exercise

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Grief and Loss – Don’t Do It Alone

 Walt Kasmir, Ph.D., is a gerontologist and behavioral expert who lectures, trains, and consults throughout the continental United States, Africa, and the UK on grief, eldercare, and resilience. Dr. Kasmir developed expertise from over 25 years of clinical experience, including, hospice, psychiatry and case management. He’s helped thousands face end-of-life issues with dignity and

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