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Senior Care Authority believes that taking care of the people who mean the most to us is as much a privilege as a responsibility. Let us help you help them.

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If you’re looking for senior care solutions, Senior Care Authority is here to help. Today, there are many nurturing, safe, and effective care options available for older loved ones. Narrowing down choices and making the right one can be daunting. It’s important to know you don’t need to do so alone!

Whether you’re looking for an assisted living facility, memory care or skilled nursing facility, or if you just want to research some possible elder care options, our Certified Senior Advisors and Certified Dementia Practitioners can help you make the right decision based on your needs, resources, and goals. Our team provides your family with the compassion and expertise you need when you need it most.

“Thank you to my Senior Care Authority Advisor for your skillful negotiation. You helped make the perfect community for mom work financially.”

– Jody W

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How We Can Help You, Your Family, and Your Loved One

Senior Care Authority takes great pride in the fact that we are so much more than an assisted living placement agency. Below are just a few of the ways we can help you and your family create a plan of  care for your loved one.

Eldercare Consulting

Sometimes families need help with challenging transitions, endless decision-making, and navigating a complex healthcare system. Our senior placement services include expert senior care consultants that can facilitate essential conversations between family members, help you locate a skilled nursing facility, decide on in home care management or caregiver selection, establish long distance caregiving, provide you access to vetted resources, or set up regular visits to your loved one, for peace of mind when you’re unable to visit. Our advisors customize services for your family and are your advocate on this difficult journey.


Advocacy is an important aspect of our senior living placement services. An advocate can be a good ally to have, especially when things get complicated. Navigating the healthcare system can leave families overwhelmed and confused; with so much information being offered, it’s often impossible to sort things out. As your elder care advisor, we do our best to ensure that everyone understands the information being dispensed and that your questions are answered thoroughly and appropriately.

Placement Assistance

Our Certified Senior Advisors have comprehensive knowledge of and experience with all facets of senior living, from independent living to assisted living and memory care communities. As part of our senior care placement services, our advisors carefully inspect locations. State reports are reviewed comprehensively, so we’re able to advise you of any citations issued against a particular provider. Your advisor will meet with you in person to discuss your options and then accompany you on visits to places that meet your criteria and ensure that all your questions are answered. We assist with paperwork and negotiations. A referral fee is paid by the communities and care homes, so there is no cost to you for our placement services.


A third party who is outside the emotional landscape of a family during tough decision making can be a great benefit. Each family has its own dynamic, and a coach can help make sure everyone is heard and seen, and treated fairly, even if there’s no consensus. Your coach can help your family find common ground or at least encourage that everyone’s point of view is heard and respected. While we’re not therapists, we are trained to empower families to move forward, and as part of our senior living referral service, initial consultations are always offered at no charge.

This important program provides a local single point of contact for all the guidance and resources your employees may need. Our Certified Senior Advisors are seasoned practitioners passionate about working with families to help them navigate difficult decisions and find workable solutions to caregiving dilemmas. Professional Certified Senior Advisors provide support that starts with the first phone call, continues with a face-to-face visitation, and stays throughout the caregiving journey. Our advisors are advocates for your employees and their family — the hallmark of our service is that we’re present throughout the entire process of identifying the issues, solving the problem, and implementing the solution.

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Types of Senior Living

Helping Seniors Lead Comfortable Lives.

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Assisted Living Community

Assisted living  communities provide a safe, supervised environment for people who want assistance with meals, housekeeping, laundry, and transportation, as well as support with activities of daily living, commonly called ADLs. This assistance can include one or more of the following: dressing, bathing, grooming, and toileting. Medication Management is an essential service offered in assisted living situations. Assisted living also provides opportunities for socialization, engagement, and activities.

Memory Care Community

Also referred to as memory support, memory care communities offer many of the amenities and services provided by assisted living but typically offer more supervision and a greater amount of caregiver involvement while assisting a resident with ADLs. Activities and care are geared toward people with varying levels of cognitive impairment.

Residential Care Homes

Sometimes called personal care homes, these facilities are typically private homes with far fewer residents than in an assisted living community. Regulations vary from state to state; the common denominator is the home-like environment. Depending on licensing requirements, residential care homes often provide assisted living level care as well as memory support.

Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)

A SNF is a medical model, which means that this is often the most appropriate choice for people requiring medical interventions or recovering from an illness or injury. In many states, assisted living and memory care communities are not licensed to address certain medical needs such as IV therapies, feeding tubes, sliding scale diabetes treatment, and wound care. When this restriction exists, families are encouraged to explore the medical model provided by a SNF.

Independent Living

This option is ideal for active, independent people who may decide that help with meal preparation, housekeeping, and laundry services will make their lives more enjoyable and manageable. Many independent living communities will also offer some assistance with transportation and group activities.

Respite Care

Respite usually refers to a temporary situation where either a family needs a break from providing care at home or is unable to care for their loved one at home for a limited amount of time. Sometimes a brief respite opportunity can help a family caregiver regroup, take time for some self-care, or just rest and rejuvenate. Policies for respite vary from community to community.

Hospice Care

Hospice care comes into play when curative strategies have been abandoned. Someone with a chronic illness in later stages or who may be within six months of end of life is a good candidate for these services. Hospice provides support not only for the person in care but also for the entire family when they are trying to cope with the emotional and practical implications of a loved one nearing end of life. Hospice will offer comfort care (pain and symptom management), grief and spiritual support, and more. Hospice can be a welcomed relief for families during an emotionally important but difficult time. Families are encouraged to explore this service as soon as they are eligible.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC)

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) are for persons 60 years of age or older. They provde individuals long term care in the form of independent living units, residential care/assisted living services, and skilled nursing care. Typically, all these various living types are all in one location, and residents move between the various care options as they age.

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