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What Is Respite Care, and How Can the Benefits Help You Help Others?

Being a caregiver to a senior loved one or friend is an important, rewarding, and often exhausting responsibility, one that often leaves families overwhelmed and individuals experiencing caregiver burnout. When the demands of senior care become too much, respite care can be a possible answer.


Respite care is a short-term break, a time of relief from the duties of care, often provided by professionals who know the value of this service.

Scheduled time away from caregiving can mean the opportunity for vacations, appointments, or just some personal time to relax. Let’s look at respite care benefits and how you can access this essential resource.

In-Home Care

Like most of us, seniors enjoy the comforts of home and want to stay there for as long as possible. Being surrounded by the things you know and love in an environment that is familiar is important, especially if someone is living with cognitive decline or physical limitations.

In-home respite care, delivered by a trained professional or close friend, can provide attention and assistance to a senior at home while giving family members the break they may need.

Adult Daycare Centers

When care for a senior requires two or more people, or you’d like to offer your loved one the opportunity to engage with groups of others, adult daycare centers are a good option. These non-residential facilities are staffed by trained caregivers who can respond to needs both big and small.

They can provide seniors with day-to-day oversight or transitional care, as well as short-term rehabilitation following a hospital discharge. If respite care outside of their home seems like something positive for your loved one, these centers can be the answer.

Respite Care Facilities

These care facilities are different from the daycare centers we’ve just discussed in that they offer overnight care for both short-term and long-term stays. Like the daycare centers, they are staffed by trained placement professionals who oversee a structured environment, sometimes with nursing and medical care available at all times.

These facilities can offer real breaks from caregiving responsibilities and peace of mind to family members who may be concerned about leaving a senior’s care to someone other than themselves.

Some Important Benefits

The benefits of respite care can’t be overstated; they include not just more time for yourself but possibly a welcomed change for your senior loved one. Respite care can offer you meaningful, trustworthy help when you need it most and can include assistance with:

  •     Bathing and grooming
  •     Medication
  •     Meal preparation
  •     Transportation
  •     Nursing care
  •     Dementia care
  •     Socializing
  •     And much more

Scheduling respite care on a regular basis can go a very long way toward keeping you physically and mentally able and prepared to be there for your senior. Whether you might need it for a few hours a day or a few days a week, don’t think twice about taking advantage of it!

Some organizations, such as the Alzheimer’s Association, offer one time grants, giving you some funds to pay for respite care!

The experts at Senior Care Authority can help you find the right kind of respite care for you and your loved one, so reach out today.

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