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Let Our Certified Senior Advisors

Help You Make the Right Decision for Your Loved One

Our expert elder placement professionals and certified dementia practitioners can help you help your loved one.

Compassionate Senior Care Services | Your Trusted Provider

Certifications and Education

When it comes to helping you make the right decisions for the care and safety of your senior loved one, our Certified Senior Advisors are without equal. Senior Care Authority® prides itself on having the most well-trained senior placement professionals in the industry. In addition to attending ongoing seminars and presentations by professionals in related and complementary services, we require all Senior Care Authority franchisees to acquire the prestigious Certified Senior Advisor and Certified Dementia Practitioner designations. 

We’re So Much More Than an Eldercare Consulting Company. We Offer Meaningful Solutions.

Our compassionate and dedicated franchise owners receive well-rounded and comprehensive training and education, ensuring that our client families benefit from the most current information and the most skilled assistance to navigate their unique situation. We’ll help you find the very best caregivers, the people who know best how to help your loved one and who will always work to ensure their safety and happiness. When you meet with one of our Certified Senior Advisors, you will begin a compassionate and responsive journey that includes:

One-on-One Guidance

Our first conversation will help us understand and assess your family’s needs and answer your questions.


Our senior placement professionals will discuss various care options that might be the best fit for your loved one, taking into consideration care needs, geographic preference, and budget. If not placement, we’ll discuss other resources to ensure safety and comfort for your loved one.

Making a Plan

Together, we will create a plan with clear steps and goals to keep us on track. This will be your individualized plan, and we’ll help you manage all the steps.

Community or Care Home Selection

When we identify potential providers, we’ll schedule tours, accompany you to each site, assist with paperwork and help with moving arrangements.

Ongoing Support

Once care has been established, we will follow up to make sure that your expectations of the care, comfort, and safety needs of your loved one are being met. We also can help you find other resources, such as attorneys, in-home care professionals, fiduciaries, day programs, moving specialists, and more.

Remember, you don’t have to do this alone! The senior placement professionals at Senior Care Authority are here to help!

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