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Senior Care Authority South Bay Area Launches New Website To Help Seniors in Santa Clara and Santa Cruz County

10/1/2016, Los Gatos (CA) – Senior Care Authority South Bay Area launched its new corporate website to help seniors and their families looking for the best senior care services in the Santa Clara and Santa Cruz County areas.

Founded in South Bay Area, California in August, 2012, by Karl and Katherine Winkelman, Senior Care Authority South Bay Area has recently gained major online exposure with its new website https://seniorcare-sanfranciscosouthbay.com/ which provides extensive information about Independent Living Communities, In-Home Care, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Nursing Homes.

Senior Care Authority, a nationwide franchise providing no-cost, assisted living and memory care eldercare placement services, relies on SeoSamba’s franchise software to develop turnkey websites for all its franchisees across the U.S.

Karl Winkelman, the President of Senior Care Authority South Bay Area, and former Fortune 1000 executive, has shared his own life experience and explained why he chose to help others once they come across the need of assisted living for their loved ones: “Fifteen years ago I went through the transition process with my mom and dad. This process took 5 years and allowed me to learn first-hand the options open to seniors and their families”.

Thanks to SeoSamba’s turnkey franchise website solution, Senior Care Authority South Bay Area was able to develop a content-rich online presence in record times, including their own blog & news platform, and a reinforced presence on major social networks.

Karl and Katherine Winkelman appreciates all the more the additional perks provided by SeoSamba’s content management and online marketing platform. “I could count on SEO Samba to do a great job,” says Karl and Katherine Winkelman, “and the results were amazing: we have had great feedback from my partners in my network” they said.

SeoSamba’s CEO Michel Leconte added: “One of our main targets is to give the franchises opportunity and provide all necessary tools to develop their business into something bigger and valuable. We are inspired by their will and desire to help people in need. This is not about money. This is about making this world a little bit better every day.”

Karl and Katherine Winkelman concluded: “Our mission is to use our experience, expertise and compassion to help seniors and their families navigate that period in their life when the senior is going through a transition. We’re very satisfied with SeoSamba’s professionalism, and I could count on SEO Samba to do a great job, which definitely helps us better help others,” they said.

Press Contact: Katherine Winkelman, Vice President – 408-640-6628 – [email protected]

About Senior Care Authority

Senior Care Authority is a nationwide, no-cost assisted living and memory care senior placement service, providing hands-on quality assistance throughout the process. The company also provides valuable eldercare resources throughout South Bay

For more information about Senior Care Authority South Bay Area, please visit https://seniorcare-sanfranciscosouthbay.com/, send an email to [email protected], or call 408-640-6628.

About SeoSamba

SeoSamba is the franchise website and online marketing automation specialist, helping franchises build, manage, and optimize corporate franchise and franchisee websites for top search engine performance. SeoSamba patent-pending, hybrid open source marketing framework is built around SambaSaaS and SeoToaster.

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