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Senior Care Authority San Diego Boosts its Online Presence to Improve Seniors Placement Services in San Diego Area

12/29/2016, San Diego (CA) – Senior Care Authority San Diego launched its new corporate website to provide personalized and comprehensive senior placement services to meet the family’s long term care needs in the San Diego Area

Founded by Christine Schultz, Senior Care Authority San Diego has recently boosted its online presence by launching a new corporate website at https://www.seniorcareauthority.com/locations/san-diego/, which provides a wealth of information about independent living communities, memory care, in-home care, assisted living, nursing homes, and other related senior services in San Diego region.

Senior Care Authority, a nationwide franchise, providing free, assisted living, and in-home eldercare placement services, is relying on SeoSamba’s franchise software to develop turnkey websites for all their franchisees across the U.S.

By joining Senior Care Authority, MBA graduate and fiduciary expert for over 20 years, Christine Schultz founded  Senior Care Authority San Diego to put her multi-disciplinary skills to serve others, and most specifically seniors “It best incorporates the industry and community resources, allowing me to help families make the most informed decisions. SCA sponsorship of Aging Boomers is an example of how it reaches out to inform industry professionals and families about senior topics,” Ms. Schultz said.

To move upmarket in a short timespan with a full-fledged business website, a professional grade own blog & news platform, and a widespread presence in social networks, Senior Care Authority San Diego leveraged SeoSamba’s turnkey franchise marketing solution.

According to Christine Schultz, working with SeoSamba’s content management and online marketing platform was a rewarding experience: “We appreciated the ongoing support and training throughout the process, as well as constant technical help. We really enjoyed it. And now what is the most pleasant for us is that we can edit the content directly on website and post our own blog news.”

Beyond the smooth collaboration to build her website in no time, Ms. Schultz is now enjoying a prime presence and visibility on the Internet “With Seosamba the results strike the eye: We are now much more visible in search engines,” she said.

This stronger presence only adds up to that of her profile on Senior Care Authority’s global corporate site, which ranks her San Diego-based senior care services in top 5 results for several eldercare-related key phrases.

Michel Leconte, SeoSamba’s CEO, explains that his company “regularly works with people that can easily put our franchise marketing products to do good, but together with Senior Care Authority we do a bit more. We assist seniors, and that’s an important mission to us as well. Our customers raised our awareness regarding the importance of what we do now, and everyone in SeoSamba is happy and proud to be a part of it.”

The successful launch of the new website is an important step for the Schultz Team which can now better qualify health care expertise and real estate transaction experience, and in turn provide expert advice and superior services through the Internet to all their clients.

“Our core mission has always been the provision of personalized and comprehensive senior placement services to meet the family’s long term care needs. We’re very satisfied with SeoSamba’s professionalism and appreciate the ongoing support and training throughout the process it provides which definitely helps us better help others,” Christine Schultz concluded.

Press Contact: Christine Schultz, Owner – 6199309098 – [email protected]

About Senior Care Authority

Senior Care Authority is a nationwide, free assisted living, in-home care placement service, and hands on quality assistance through trained advisors providing personal care and going the extra mile for clients at no charge to the client.

Senior Care Authority San Diego provides elder care referral service for the growing senior population in San Diego Area.

For more information about Senior Care Authority San Diego, please visit the website, send an email to [email protected], or call 6199309098.

About SeoSamba

SeoSamba is the franchise website and online marketing automation specialist, helping franchises build, manage, and optimize corporate franchise and franchisee websites for top search engine performance. SeoSamba patent-pending, hybrid open source marketing framework is built around SambaSaaS and SeoToaster.

The online marketing platform SambaSaaS lets you manage SEO, social networking and online marketing across any number of websites through a single cloud-based interface, while our open source front-end SeoToaster let you build, manage and market easily corporate, directories and ecommerce websites. For more information about SeoSamba, visit www.seosamba.com or contact [email protected], and in the US: + (1) 877-450-9894 or in Europe at + (33) 6756376.

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