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Living and Aging Well

Gone are the days when ‘senior living’ meant being isolated at home or going to a nursing home.

Dwelling for the Ageless Generation

Living and Aging Well 

January 2021 by Cynthia Perthuis  

We often take for granted the things in life that have always been a certain way because that is what we are familiar with and accept it as how it should be.  Sometimes, though, a simple idea can completely transform the way we look at something. 

When it comes to senior living, many of us have a mental image of big, cold, hospital-like buildings with long, poorly lit hallways and residents who do little more than stare out of the window all day long. But, gone are the days when senior living meant being isolated at home or going to a nursing home. 

This idea is actually not at all what the reality is in today’s senior living communities. Senior communities have completely changed how people look at senior living now, versus what it looked like in the past.  One community that has turned the model on its head is Appanage. 

Appanage Offers All-Inclusive Retirement Living

Appanage offers beautifully furnished upscale residence options both in NYC and the suburbs. This concept is a year round destination-spa atmosphere and all-inclusive retirement living that is more of an experience than a living community. Plans to expand into several other metro areas are on the horizon, and members will be permitted to divide their time between residences in different locations.

Appanage’s modern approach to living well is a perfect solution for seniors who desire flexibility, the support of a highly trained and professional staff, as well as comprehensive, life-enhancing wellness programs.

Maintain Your Independence

Residents of Appanage maintain their independence and enjoy private residences, but get the benefit of being a part of a community of their peers and taking part in the many daily activities available to them. Services such as one-on-one weekly Wellness Expert Visits, where you have the opportunity to visit with a professional and have your questions about healthcare answered, get nutrition advice, review your physical activities and design a fitness and social program based specifically on your needs and level of comfort, are popular among the residents. 

If you’ve found that your home is too much to manage alone or you simply do not need as much space as you used to, a community like Appanage is a realistic option. You’ll be surrounded by others who motivate you to learn and explore new ideas, meet new people with similar interests and enjoy gourmet meals prepared for you or that you prepare on your own. You’ll remain just as independent as you are today but you can rest easy knowing that when you do need help, it’s available, 24/7. 

See It For Yourself

If you’re interested in learning more about alternative living options, such as Appanage, or about more traditional living options, contact Cynthia Perthuis at Senior Care Authority and schedule your complimentary one-hour consultation.    

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