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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are common questions and answers pertaining to a Senior Care Authority franchise opportunity. Please review and feel free to contact us with any further questions so that we can assist you in making a well-informed decision.


Our team would be happy to take you through our “discovery process” and go through all the steps which include:

  • An initial introduction to Senior Care Authority
  • Overview of the training programs
  • What to expect in your first year in business
  • Overview of our Marketing and Technology programs
  • Overview of our Eldercare Consulting program
  • Get to know the Executive Team
  • Review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

Though we do not offer financing directly, we will provide you with the information and resources with various options of financing including but not limited to the Small Business Administration (SBA) Express Loan option.

Our training program is the most extensive in the industry and is held in high regard by our franchise owners. The program incorporates a self-paced home study curriculum taught by specialists in nursing, geriatric care, assisted living, in-home care, dementia, hospital administration, elder law attorneys and placement. Further training includes technology and business development, territory development training and mentoring. Upon completion of training, a one-on-one coaching and mentoring program for 3+ months. All franchisees receive ongoing mentoring for the life of their franchise as needed. 

You bet! We want you to do that; it is part of the process. Though several have provided videos and written comments on our website, you can talk to as many other owners as you wish. We certainly will direct you to some of our franchise owners whose backgrounds may be similar to yours and may have other things in common with you.

Support from headquarters will be there on an ongoing basis and will be available to you. We have specialists in the area of placement, consulting, marketing, operations, and our various software programs. Of course, during your first year in business, our coaching and mentoring programs will prove to be invaluable to help get your business off to a fast start. Also, you will find that the support of your fellow franchise owners will be extremely beneficial in your first year and in the years to come.

Though we cannot guarantee success, those franchise owners that follow the system and best practices at Senior Care Authority operate very successful businesses.

No. Although sales and marketing experience can be a plus – Senior Care Authority will provide you with hands-on technical training before you begin marketing your business and will be there every step of the way as you learn how to run and operate your franchise.

YES – we offer protected territories based on radius from where you live, population of potential customers in your market and the number of assisted living locations in beds in the territory. This allows franchisees to have an area that is protected from other Senior Care Authority locations nearby and ensures that you will have an exclusive right to the franchise model in your market.

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