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Training and Ongoing Support

smiling grandma with her granddaughter in the woods near the senior care placement

Training and Education Program

Initial Training – includes a series of online training tutorials including videos and documentation with a step-by-step process which you will access though our online Learning Management System (LMS). Our trainers have extensive experience in the senior care industry including nursing, geriatric care, assisted living, in-home care, dementia consultants, elder law, financial planning, social media, insurance, technology and more. These professionals are providing instruction on the specific areas they themselves work in each day.

One-on-one Coaching – Combined with the initial training, experts provide one-on-one coaching sessions through audio and video conferencing on a myriad of subject matters that would be specific to your particular market. These sessions will also place additional emphasis on particular subjects discussed in the initial training and prepare you for your industry meetings (online and face-to-face) to get your business moving forward.

Field Training – The first time you visit assisted living locations as a Senior Care Authority franchise owner in your market, a member of our corporate team will be with you. We will assist you in vetting senior living locations along with building key referral sources.

Mentoring – As a supplement to the training, coaching and field training provided by the corporate team, and for a specified period of time, each new franchise owner is teamed up with an experienced, franchise owner mentor for guidance in time management, building referral sources and helping get your business off to a faster start.

Operations Manuals – You will receive complete and comprehensive documentation that accurately describes the operating procedures for the Senior Care Authority business model. These documents are proprietary and are only available to Senior Care Authority franchisees.

Support and Ongoing Relationship – As a Senior Care Authority franchise owner, you will have complete support and guidance in every element of operating your business. This will be handled through weekly conference calls, webinars, daily support and onsite visits from the corporate management team.

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