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Senior Care Authority

About Us

Senior Care Authority has been serving the elderly for over a decade, providing support in finding the best care for all seniors.

Area Owners: Mike Kearney and Dave Schanz, Local Senior Advisors

About Us

Senior Care Authority

If you are looking for senior placement services in Rochester, NY, then call our local owners to set up your consultation.

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Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)

After working for more than 30 years in the corporate world, Mike Kearney has found a way to use his life experiences to help others who are facing life changing decisions for themselves or a family member.

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Mike returned to the Rochester NY area where he grew up after more than 25 years away. An important part of his decision to return to Rochester was to be closer to his extended family, including aging parents.

"I am blessed to come from a large and close family. As our first grandchild arrived, my wife and I realized we could not be happy seeing our grandchildren only a few times a year. At the same time, we both had aging parents and it was important to us to be able to spend more time with them while we still had that opportunity. During this time, we have seen friends and family experience very difficult times making decisions regarding aging loved ones and their ability to age in place."

Mike’s background in sales and marketing positions him well for assisting seniors to find the right fit. Mike now spends much of his time touring and reviewing local living communities – including assisted living, independent living, dementia and memory care, and residential care homes. He then meets one-on-one with families to assess their needs. He accompanies them on tours of pre-approved facilities, assists them with their negotiations and paperwork, and follows up with the client once the placement has been made.

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Dave’s previous career spanned forty years developing business, selling and marketing consumer electronics, telecommunications, and internet devices to some of the largest companies in America for RCA, GE, Thomson, Technicolor, and LEA Networks.

After 20 years away from Upstate NY, he retired from constant travel and high technology toys. Dave and his wife Jacquie purchased a home in 2018 in anticipation of returning to Rochester to care for my father who was suffering from Alzheimer’s and needing constant care. Sadly, shortly afterwards his father was diagnosed with Leukemia and passed.

The stress, difficulty, and lack of knowledgeable resources triggered an inspiration for a new career path as an entrepreneur.

"Along with my lifelong friend and business partner Mike Kearney we are now enjoying our third year in business assisting seniors and their families who need to transition from their current home to a safer, higher level of care."

Dave now enjoys guiding and informing seniors and their families to the best available communities where seniors have all the care and amenities needed to support their independence in retirement with compassion and empathy.

"If you have ever experienced helping your own family or friends, you know that finding a compatible, affordable senior community is complicated, stressful, confusing, and often needs to happen in a quickly due to some sort of crisis. If you, or someone you know find yourself in this situation, call me. I am an expert on senior community choices throughout the greater Rochester, NY area. In most cases our placement service is free to our clients via our large network of senior community partners. In all cases there is no charge or obligation for an initial consultation."

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Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)



Earners of the Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)® designation have demonstrated advanced knowledge in the multiple processes of aging. CSAs understand how to build effective relationships with older adults because they have a broad-based knowledge of the health, social and financial issues that are important to older adults. Through certification, Certified Senior Advisors agree to uphold the highest ethical standards for the benefit and protection of the health and welfare of older adults.

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Tom Kearney

Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)

Tom joined the team at Senior Care Authority after spending nearly two decades in the wine and spirits sales industry. While his passion and breadth of knowledge for fine wines has not waned, he found himself longing for a new path at the beginning of 2024. “I wanted to find a career where I could really be of service to others. "I was named after my grandfather, a strong, proud, successful man who raised his children and was an inspiration for many grandchildren. Watching his difficulty battling cancer late in life with the support of three daughters, all nurses along with his sons and grandchildren was hard on us all. We were blessed to have local family with medical expertise which allowed Thomas to live out his last few years in his home. I have come to realize that most families do not have the expertise our family provided and have come to appreciate the struggle families go through supporting elderly loved ones. I see a path forward with Senior Care Authority to make a meaningful impact in people’s lives every day.” Tom recently passed his exam to become a Certified Senior Advisor © https://www.csa.us/certification/ and is eager to start assisting families. While he is new to the SCA team, his extensive experience in building relationships, paired with his tremendous patience and kind heart, will make him an invaluable asset to the team. “I’m looking forward to learning and growing every single day and being able to apply the lessons I learn in order to provide knowledge and assistance to every person I can.”

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After spending 9 years providing surgical and interventional solutions to medical professionals and doctors’ offices in the New York City area our family decided to move to Rochester.

I developed a particular passion and respect for finding supportive senior living after having help my own family find care and support. It seemed impossible to research online, make phone calls, and tour all the options for my grandmother who needed assisted living. After weeks of research and learning about the 'just right' options for my grandmother, I found a liaison like Senior Care Authority. They genuinely care and they are the experts, if only I had known! The transition for my grandmother would have been faster, easier, and with all the right self-less motivations!

In my current role, I prioritize developing strong working relationships with medical professionals and facilities in the greater Rochester area who support the care and safety needs of older adults. Expanding Senior Care Authority business in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and medical centers and offices allows us to provide elder care support for medical providers. We help transition elders into the best, affordable assisted living, independent living, memory care communities, and skilled nursing facilities in the greater Rochester area.


Tara Brienza

Company History

Senior Care Authority

Senior Care Authority® was founded in 2009 by Frank and Michele Samson of Sonoma, California. They opened a local placement agency and learned everything there was to know about finding the right care situation for an older adult needing help with activities of daily living. They came to the Senior Care space with successful business development skills in their past as well as personal family experience finding care solutions. The business took off, primarily due to their diligence, compassion, and commitment to helping families.

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Company History
Grandpa and Grandson

"Mike, Thank you for all of your help easing my mind with the speed that things progressed with car of my mom."

- Donna C.

"Dave helped our family immensely. We had a lot of curveballs thrown at us. Dave provided clear and calm advice and got us to where we needed to be in the end."

- Lori D.

"Our family had a wonderful experience dealing with Senior Care Authority. They were very knowledgeable and supplied us with all the information we needed. The process can be very challenging but David did all the leg work and helped us every step of the way."

- Patty H.

"Mike, Thank you for your message. Mom has become comfortable at the Village at Mill Landing. We are both so thankful that you were able to help get us there! For the last two months, I have been able to get her out to attend services at her church. After Mass, we go to lunch at Schallers or Bill Grays. She enjoys doing that and looks forward to those excursions. At Thanksgiving, I was able to take her to our son's house in Brighton for the afternoon. Thanks again for all that you did for us. We really appreciate you help."

- Jim P Constant

“Hello Mike, In a time when there is high stress, and an inability to process all the work necessary to facilitate my mom‘s care from rehab to assisted living, an angel was sent to me to help organize and expedite the transition. I can’t say enough good things about Linda Peter. Without having a manual of how things work, she took the lead with contacting and scheduling assisted living tours, helped me ask the right questions, and also took the time to listen to my concerns. During that same week, when I was paralyzed with anxiety, regarding the next steps, she reached out to me to help process the long-term care claim. This, without a doubt, relieved a majority of my anxiety, as I am not familiar with policies and authorizations. Linda continues to reach out to me and advised me to contact her with any questions. Linda is definitely an asset to your organization, and I am so thankful for her calming approach, and the help provided to me.”

- Diane A

"Our family had a wonderful experience dealing with David and Senior Care Authority. They were very knowledgeable and supplied us with all the information we needed. The process can be very challenging but David did all the leg work and helped us every step of the way. I would highly recommend Senior Care Authority."

- Patty H. Survey
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