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Senior Care Authority

About Us

Senior Care Authority has been serving the elderly for over a decade, providing support in finding the best care for all seniors.

Holly and David Condon, Local Senior Advisors

1122 Lady Street, 3rd Floor - Columbia, SC 29201

About Us

Senior Care Authority

If you are looking for senior placement services in Columbia SC, then call our local owners to set up your consultation.

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Holly and David Condon

Holly and David Condon

Senior Living Specialists

With over two decades of experience in technology and the fulfilling role of raising a family, Holly Condon chose to align her passion with a purpose: advocating for vulnerable individuals, particularly seniors. This decision was profoundly influenced by the challenges she faced within her own family circle.

Together with her husband, David, whose expertise lies in risk management and legal matters, they embarked on a heartfelt mission to support seniors in their journey of graceful aging, preserving their dignity, and ensuring their well-being. Together, their driving motivation is to tailor care plans for each senior, considering their unique needs, budget, preferred location, and cultural sensitivities.

Certified as a Senior Advisor (CSA) and a Dementia Practitioner (CDP), they each possess the knowledge and expertise to guide families through the complexities of care planning. When it comes to evaluating long-term care facilities, they offer a compassionate and well-informed approach, assisting families in these pivotal and life-changing decisions.

Holly and David are proud parents of two exceptional children.

Beyond their professional dedication, Holly and David are proud parents of two exceptional children. They also actively engage in community service, volunteering with notable organizations like Harvest Hope Food Bank. During their leisure time, they have a passion for travel, immersing themselves in learning about history and diverse cultures.

If you're in search of expert guidance and compassionate support while navigating the intricacies of elder care, Holly and David Condon stand ready to accompany you on this journey. They are committed to ensuring the best possible care and quality of life for your loved ones.

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Company History

Senior Care Authority

Senior Care Authority® was founded in 2009 by Frank and Michele Samson of Sonoma, California. They opened a local placement agency and learned everything there was to know about finding the right care situation for an older adult needing help with activities of daily living. They came to the Senior Care space with successful business development skills in their past as well as personal family experience finding care solutions. The business took off, primarily due to their diligence, compassion, and commitment to helping families.

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Company History
Grandpa and Grandson

“We received all the help we needed and were extremely satisfied with all your follow up.”

- S. Culver

“My mom really appreciated you coming to the residential care home the night my dad arrived. Thank you!”

- J. Giovanni

“You are amazingly wonderful and patient and do good things in this world.”

- S. Coleman
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