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Senior Care Authority has been serving the elderly for over a decade, providing support in finding the best care for all seniors.

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110 Traders Cross, 1st Floor, - Blufton, SC 29909

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Senior Care Authority

If you are looking for senior placement services in Charleston, SC , then call our local owners to set up your consultation.

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Senior Care Authority

Senior Care Authority® was founded in 2009 by Frank and Michele Samson of Sonoma, California. They opened a local placement agency and learned everything there was to know about finding the right care situation for an older adult needing help with activities of daily living. They came to the Senior Care space with successful business development skills in their past as well as personal family experience finding care solutions. The business took off, primarily due to their diligence, compassion, and commitment to helping families.

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Company History


Based in Blufton, SC

My motivation for owning a senior care business comes from nearly 30 years of being a dentist and owning my own dental practice. Throughout those years I was fortunate enough to have known patients long enough to watch them transition to becoming senior citizens. I then was able to learn how difficult their lives had become not just because of physical limitations, but also due to them having difficulty navigating the complexities of our society. From that experience I learned that I wanted to spend my future working years trying to help seniors.


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I am certified in the" Beyond Driving With Dignity" program offered by an organization called" Keeping Us Safe", which allows me to provide enhanced self-assessment programs for elder drivers. These programs are used to facilitate the difficult conversation and decision making process that elder drivers and their families must go through in determining whether or not it is safe for the elder driver to continue driving.

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I am a member of The National Placement And Referral Alliance 

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Grandpa and Grandson

“We received all the help we needed and were extremely satisfied with all your follow up.”

- S. Culver

“My mom really appreciated you coming to the residential care home the night my dad arrived. Thank you!”

- J. Giovanni

“You are amazingly wonderful and patient and do good things in this world.”

- S. Coleman
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