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Senior Care Franchise Owners Testimonials Senior Care Authority®

Senior Care Franchise Owners Testimonials

Mike and Tammy Mannion, Franchise Owners
Serving Charlotte, NC
My wife, Tammy, and I were drawn to the senior industry out of challenging, personal experiences with our own aging parents. We cared for our two sets of parents, albeit in different ways due to differing needs, for many years. This created both a desire to assist families caring for their older loved ones, and an awareness that the path to caregiving is an incredibly challenging one. This franchise gave us an opportunity to help families dealing with what we know to be overwhelming, and create a business we can enjoy and grow. This business is emotionally and financially rewarding, and we really like the people with whom we chose to partner.
John Alagood, Franchise Owner
Serving Dallas, TX
I joined Senior Care Authority in 2015, attracted by an opportunity to have a career that was also a mission: promoting dignity and quality of life in later years.  Our founder and CEO, Frank Samson, is both visionary and genuine, consistently attracting exceptional people who have become valued friends and colleagues. In an industry with many great people, I believe Senior Care Authority stands out as having the most consistently positive culture. Five years in, my favorite part of the business is still helping families find peace of mind.  A close second is mentoring great people who expand our reach and impact. Previously, I spent 20 years providing crisis management and consulting services for over 100 organizations on four continents. I like to say I have always helped people to make informed, courageous decisions under difficult circumstances.  At Senior Care Authority, this can mean another generation of legacy for families as children get to know their “greats”.
Kathy and Karl Winkleman,
Franchise Owners
Serving San Francisco South Bay
Kathy and I chose the senior industry because people are living longer and there is a sustainable customer. We really enjoy helping people and this business allows for us to do that. What we love about Senior Care Authority is that it supports us in every way and helps us learn, grow, and make the money we had hoped for.  With their additional revenue opportunities, we were able to expand into new services with Eldercare Consulting and dramatically increase revenues and industry networking contacts
Mark Wolff, Franchise Owner
Serving Sacramento, CA
After a successful career in the financial services industry I was looking for a new opportunity to utilize my decades of experience serving clients, provide me with the freedom to be my own boss and do something that made me feel more fulfilled. This is a great business for a self-starter who has a genuine passion for helping people and has good networking skills. Families value the services I provide and the need is only growing as our elderly population increases. I was reluctant at first in purchasing a franchise, but the value that the corporate team brought to me more than pays for the cost of owning the franchise. The Senior Care Authority system allowed me to get started quickly,  provides ongoing training and learning opportunities, strategic partnerships, and has allowed me to focus on my clients.
Jenny and Rocky Graves,
Franchise Owners
Serving Central Florida
My wife Jenny and I are entrepreneurs. We have successfully owned and sold several businesses over the past 25 years. We wanted to find a business where we could work together, earn a good income, and be passionate about what we are doing. After extensive research and discussions with the Senior Care Authority corporate team, we decided to move forward. As we were making plans to open our business, the COVID-19 pandemic reared its ugly head. The corporate team was extremely helpful and very involved in helping us get our business going. Being part of such a fantastic business where we can make a great living and help families navigate through very difficult times is rewarding. The fact that we can make money doing what we have a passion for is "icing on the cake.”
David Johnson, Franchise Owner
Serving southern Alabama
and northern Florida
After a thirty year career in healthcare and hospital administration, I was ready for a change where I could use my experience, knowledge and passion to serve others. Becoming a Senior Care Authority franchise owner turned out to be a life changing event that has led to a more fulfilling purpose and a successful business venture. My business is successful in large part to the orientation, training and ongoing support provided by the corporate leadership team and interaction with other franchise owners. If there is ever a situation where I need advice to better serve my clients, assistance is only a phone call or e-mail away. With this business, I am able to serve the greatest generation with an organized and progressive process.
Jodi Glacer, Franchise Owner
Serving Palm Beach County, FL
With the Eldercare Consulting program offered with my Senior Care Authority franchise, I am able to provide my clients’ more personalized services including skilled nursing placements, in-home care/stay at home evaluations, family coaching and more. Long term care has many moving parts to it and being able to offer my clients’ customized services along with placement assistance; I build a stronger connection with my clients which results in more referrals and credibility in my market.
Erin Dwyer, Franchise Owner
Serving St. Louis, MO
Having worked with seniors and children as a practicing speech-language pathologist, I became discouraged seeing older adults often falling through the cracks in the healthcare system without anyone advocating for them and their families. The struggles families face was the impetus for my joining Senior Care Authority as a franchise owner.  I love that I can offer multiple services and education opportunities for my clients with my franchise. I am a Placement Advisor, helping families find the right location for their loved one to reside and I also offer consulting with my Eldercare Consulting menu of services. In addition, I can direct my clients to the Senior Care Authority Academy for education on numerous topics.  In my franchise, I can serve an entire family and be that one-stop shop for their living and care needs.
Chris Lybodlt, Franchise Owner
Serving Atlanta, GA
I purchased a Senior Care Authority franchise in February of 2020.  On March 11, 2020, the president announced that access to Senior Living Communities would be restricted, and I thought I had made a big mistake.  However, Senior Care Authority differentiates itself in the senior placement and consulting landscape by innovation, almost 24/7 access to senior leadership, and an uncanny ability to pivot in the face of adversity.  Wisdom can be defined as one's ability to find hope in the midst of despair.  Senior Care Authority got me through the most desperate of times.  And now my hope for a successful 2020, has become a reality, and unbelievably, I've exceeded my pre-COVID goals through eight months in business.
Jack Angel, Franchise Owner
Serving Southeast Texas
After an extensive review of my franchise options, I wanted something more than just a referral service. My personal experience of scrambling to find a safe, affordable and quality care environment for my mother and in-laws, drew me to this business. Senior Care Authority aligns perfectly with my desire to be a professional care placement advisor with the emphasis on the individual. While risky to open any business in the midst of a pandemic, I believe strongly that the need to be a care placement advisor, advocate, and resource for families and medical professionals is greater now than ever.
Senior Care Franchise Owners Testimonials