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Elder Care Assistance and Senior Care Consultation Service Senior Care Authority®

Elder Care Assistance and Senior Care Consultation Service

Our exclusive Eldercare Consulting Program was created in 2015 by our Managing Director/Eldercare Manager, Marcy Baskin. The purpose of our program is to provide franchise owners with additional service offerings and revenue options that are needed and highly valued by clients. This concierge personalized approach leaves no stone unturned, no solution unexplored. Your goal will be to advocate for families and to simplify their decision-making process.

As a franchise owner, you will complete a separate training program as well as receive ongoing support and mentoring while you develop this part of your business.


As an Eldercare Consultant, some of the things you will assist your clients with are:

  • Choosing the best in-home care options
  • Facilitation of difficult conversations; helping your client family come to consensus if possible
  • Finding a skilled nursing facility
  • Peace of Mind visits to a loved one when you are unable to visit yourself
  • Long distance caregiving and advocacy
  • Negotiations with a care facility
  • Understanding the resources available to you in your community
  • …and more

This very unique program offers our franchise owners the opportunity to further their knowledge base, strengthen their expertise, and create a stronger competitive position in their respective market.

Jodi Glacer, Franchise Owner
Serving Palm Beach County, FL
With the Eldercare Consulting program offered with my Senior Care Authority franchise, I am able to provide my clients’ more personalized services including skilled nursing placements, in-home care/stay at home evaluations, family coaching and more. Long term care has many moving parts to it and being able to offer my clients’ customized services along with placement assistance; I build a stronger connection with my clients which results in more referrals and credibility in my market.
Jack Angel, Franchise Owner
Serving Southeast Texas
After an extensive review of my franchise options, I wanted something more than just a referral service. My personal experience of scrambling to find a safe, affordable and quality care environment for my mother and in-laws, drew me to this business. Senior Care Authority aligns perfectly with my desire to be a professional care placement advisor with the emphasis on the individual. While risky to open any business in the midst of a pandemic, I believe strongly that the need to be a care placement advisor, advocate, and resource for families and medical professionals is greater now than ever.
Elder Care Assistance and Senior Care Consultation Service