An Employee Benefit
Supporting Family Caregivers

Why you should care about this benefit for your employees:

  • Upper Management (Vice Presidents and higher) has a higher incidence of needing to leave employment due to caregiving conflicts.
    Harvard Business School Study: Growing Caregiving Crisis Hurting Firm Profitability, Employee Productivity
  • One in six U.S. employees are spending an average of more than 20 hours per week providing assistance of some kind to a friend or relative.AARP report, Caregiving in the U.S.
  • Caregivers cost employers an estimated 8 percent more–or $13.4 billion per year–in health care costs than non caregivers because their responsibilities can be emotionally draining and physically exhausting.Supporting Caregivers in the Workplace: A Practical Guide for Employers

Respondents who strongly agree or agree with the following statements about their company’s negative attributes

Caregivers are perceived to be less committed to their careers than non-caregivers

Employers 36%
Employees 59%

The culture of my organization is not as supportive as it could be around the career progression of caregivers

Employers 37%
Employees 52%

Caregivers are reluctant to use available support at my organization because it may have a negative impact on their career progression

Employers 31%
Employees 48%

In my experience people who are caregivers are less likely to progress at the same rate as their peers even if their input is similar

Employers 39%
Employees 55%

SOURCE: “Survey of U.S. Employers on Caregiving.” Project on Managing the Future of Work, Harvard Business School



Our Services

HR Management Services

Senior Care Authority offers a comprehensive package of services and reporting to meet the needs of your company and management:

  • Customized landing page for your employees to access senior care services and education
  • Collateral/promotional materials for employee education
  • Collaborative approach, coordination with EAP
  • Management education and support – onsite and web-based services
  • Attendance and health fairs and benefit orientation meetings
  • Timely, board-ready utilization reports
  • Program/policy development assistance

Benefits Overview

Senior Care Authority offers a comprehensive benefits plan designed to meet the needs of your company and employees:

  • Care plan design and implementation
  • Facilitation of family conversations
  • Managing resources for care at home
  • Help with transitioning to assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing
  • Simplifying communication between health care providers
  • Long distance caregiving concerns
  • Determining potential financial resources to help pay for caregiving costs
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