We Are Now the Exclusive Provider of Beyond Driving With Dignity: A Self Assessment for Older Drivers

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Senior Care Authority®

Senior Care Authority® will be the leading brand in the assisted living, dementia and residential care placement service industry.

Falls are serious

According to the CDC, adults over 65 have a 25% greater risk of falling than younger people. Find out what contributes to it and ways you can prevent it from happening.

Meaningful Journeys in Retirement

Following an executive career in life sciences, Richard Haiduck has had an active retirement. His interests include cycling, hiking, volunteering, reading and family. He has recently interviewed 75+ retirees, as the basis for his book, "Shifting Gears; 50 Baby Boomers Share Their Meaningful Journeys in Retirement."

Understanding Sensory for Dementia

Sarah Nord is an occupational therapist, Certified Dementia Practitioner & founder of Sensory for Dementia. She is passionate about supporting the sensory, cognitive, & emotional regulation needs of people across the lifespan. Sarah has over 7 years of clinical experience with specialty training in sensory processing through the STAR Institute. She recognizes how sensory health impacts function, behavior, & relationships. She raises awareness about all 8 sensory systems & equips you with a sensory lens so you can get curious about behavioral expressions from a different perspective.

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