Press Release: "The Aging Boomers" Podcast honored as New and Noteworthy on iTunes

The Aging Boomers Podcast is honored to be on the "New And Noteworthy" section of iTunes. The Aging Boomers is a talk show discussing many of the important issues facing boomers, their parents and an aging population today.

The Aging Boomers has a new podcast each Friday and Monday morning. Some of topics already released which can be listened to include:

• Keeping Older Drivers Safe
• Advances in Long-Term Care Insurance
• Alzheimer's Disease Research
• Family Planning For Eldercare
• Understanding Elder Care Management
• Solutions for Independent Living
• Assisted Living...What You Need to Know
• Senior Scams and Preventions
• What's In-Home Care All About?
• The Vintage Years

The above and future shows are available to listeners for free by subscribing on iTunes. The Aging Boomers podcast can also be downloaded as an app on an iPhone or Android phone. The show focuses on physical, financial and mental health for the 45+ age group.

Podcast host Frank Samson is a Certified Senior Advisor and expert in senior care. "I have been hosting a weekly local radio show in Sonoma, California on this very subject,” Samson says. He continues, “the listeners kept asking for show recordings so their brothers, sisters, parents and friends could listen to it around the country. So, we’ve taken it on the web and are thrilled to have the show available to listeners in various formats."

S. Jay Olshansky, PhD, is a Professor of Public Health at The University of Illinois, Chicago and the author of two books on aging. Olshansky said on an iTunes review of the show, “I was delighted to discover this valuable podcast. Frank Samson’s effort to inform the public on senior care issues is commendable, and his interviews are both interesting and informative. The aging of our population has just begun, and the issues he has addressed thus far is just a tip of the iceberg. I’ll be following this show for now on.”

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