Control Brain Disorders with a Switch

Daniel Zwilling, PhD discusses unimaginable opportunities that could become reality in helping to cure psychiatric disorders and nuerodegenerative disease including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Live Smart After 50!

Mary Radu is a life coach and contributing editor to “Live Smart After 50! The Experts Guide to Life Planning for Uncertain Times.” She discusses keys to being healthy and happy as we get older and enter the second half of life.

Managing Your Parents’ Money

Erik Aho, JD, CFE, provides forensic accounting services focusing on embezzlement, fiduciary misconduct and elder financial abuse. He answers many of the questions regarding managing your parents’ money.

A Love Story For Seniors

Katheryn Mehl Miller, PhD, communicates to seniors that you’re never too old to love and be loved. Through some of her own experiences, she discusses her new book, “Love Comes at Twilight: A Love Story for Seniors.” She talks about intimacy, losing a loved one and coping with health issues.

Keeping Older Drivers Safe

When a parent or other loved one gets to the point where driving is not safe anymore, it becomes very difficult for adult children to take the keys away. Learn what to do and how to keep your loved one safe from Matt Gurwell who owns “Keeping Us Safe,” an organization who has a national program to keep older drivers safe.

Advances in Long-Term Care Insurance

If you’re thinking about Long-term care insurance or just want to learn more about it, Leslie Whiting provides an easy to understand explanation to the benefits and trends of LTC Insurance.

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