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How Anesthesia Can Impact Safe Driving Abilities in Older Adults

June 18, 2024

As our population continues to age, more and more seniors undergo surgical procedures requiring anesthesia, which can pose hidden challenges to their cognitive functioning and, by extension, their ability to drive safely after surgery.   Cognitive Risks Associated with Anesthesia Research has consistently shown that older adults are at a higher risk of developing postoperative cognitive dysfunction (POCD) and delirium, which can affect memory, attention, and problem-solving skills​, all of which are cognitive attributes required for ...

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Journey Through Loss and Grief

June 12, 2024

Loss and grief are inevitable parts of life, but for our beloved seniors, navigating through these emotions can be particularly challenging. As they journey through their golden years, they often face the loss of spouses, friends, siblings, and sometimes even their own health. In such times, compassionate support becomes of utmost importance. Here, we discuss how we can extend a caring hand to our seniors as they cope with loss and grief. First and foremost ...

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