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Senior Care Authority


John Alagood, PhD, CPRS, CSA, CDP, Area Owner

PhD in Applied Gerontology
Certified Placement and Referral Specialist
Certified Senior Advisor®
Certified Dementia Practitioner

Give your employees the support they need.

Employee Assistance Solutions for Eldercare

We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of your employees

EASE is a senior care placement and eldercare consulting service specializing in helping families locate care for aging loved ones, avoiding typical pitfalls, and minimizing the stress associated with finding the best senior care solutions.

EASE: Employee Assistance Solutions for Eldercare

With the aging workforce, the need for a comprehensive benefits package of senior related services is greater than ever. Without this type of benefit package, you are missing an important opportunity to recruit and retain talent. It’s time to offer an employee benefit that includes elder care services. With EASE, you’ll have a dedicated team of eldercare consultants to support your employees, which will help you tackle the growing need for elder care services.

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Taking care is what we do.

EASE is designed to help your employees find the best care providers for their loved ones. The Senior Care Authority networks can help you find the best care solution to address the individual needs of your employees.

Providing senior care for your loved ones can be hard. We make it easier.


No cost to employees in most cases

Assistance provided to families to help locate the best senior living and care solutions such as assisted living, memory care or independent living.


Employee pays reduced fee directly for this service

Provide advocacy, referrals, management and guidance navigating the complex US healthcare systems for aging adults.


Employees pay reduced fee directly for this sevice

Nationally recognized program to help older drivers and their concerned families work through the complicated and sensitive issue of age-related diminishing driving skills.

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EASE is a game changer for your business

When your employees thrive, the company thrives.


Reduce the time spent away from work

Reduces the need to use vacation, PTO or unpaid leave in order to address the care needs of a loved one.


Improve safety and focus at work

Allow the employee to focus on their work tasks. Improved workplace safety and concentration, knowing that the issues related to their loved one(s) are being handled by a professional.


Improve the overall health of your employee

Overall health benefit by reducing stress and anxiety. Reduced stress and anxiety promotes overall health. Benefits include lower tensions at home and at the workplace, better sleep, lower blood pressure, and better productivity.

Senior Care Authority

A leading provider of senior care services

Senior Care Authority® is a leading national provider of Senior Placement and Eldercare Consulting services based in Petaluma, California. Founded in 2009, the company serves all major metropolitan areas throughout the United States through a network of professionally trained and experienced local advisors.

Our Advisors:

  • Assist families in navigating the overwhelming challenges associated with choosing appropriate care options including assisted living, memory care, nursing care and other long-term care options
  • Act as an advocate for your employee and their family
  • Hold both Certified Senior Advisor and Certified Dementia Practitioner designations
  • Are passionate seasoned practitioners, building relationships with your employees based on their individual needs
  • Provide support beginning with the first phone call, continuing with a face-to-face visit (when possible), video conferencing and throughout the caregiving journey.
  • Provide a local single point of contact for all support and resources for your employees
  • Are available through in-person visits, a dedicated phone number or email.

The hallmark of our service is that we are present throughout the entire process of identifying the issues, problem solving, and solution implementation, effectively reducing the stress of juggling caregiving and work responsibilities.

Respondents who strongly agree or agree with the following statements about their company’s negative attributes





Caregivers are perceived to be less committed to their careers than non-caregivers.





The culture of my organization is not as supportive as it could be around the career progression of caregivers.





Caregivers are reluctant to use available support at my organization because it may have a negative impact on their career progression.





In my experience people who are caregivers are less likely to progress at the same rate as their peers even if their input is similar.

SOURCE: “Survey of U.S. Employers on Caregiving.” Project on Managing the Future of Work, Harvard Business School

“The rate of employee caregiving is increasing, which presents more challenges for employers. But employers have a unique opportunity to support employees in managing the continuum of their career related obligations in a way that can also reap rewards in the form of an engaged and productive workforce and an increase in employee loyalty”


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Grandpa and Grandson
Couple at Lake

“I did not feel alone anymore with this enormous decision.”

- Sylvia P. / Crossroads, TX

“Thank you for your skillful negotiation. You helped make the perfect community for mom work financially.”

- Joel H / Irving, TX

“Your services were terrific and our parents are very happy with their new community!”

- Lisa K. / Plano, TX

"Bonita is a 10! Smart, organized, caring, resourceful, energetic, all the things you want and need when searching for the best solutions to those you care about. I would highly recommend Bonita to anyone who would like help caring for someone they love. I've been blessed to have her in my corner!"

- Jeff Taber

“Thank you for your skillful negotiation. You helped make the perfect community for mom work financially.”

- Joel H / Irving, TX

“Your services were terrific and our parents are very happy with their new community!”

- Lisa K. / Plano, TX

"Ms. Bonita Plested assisted my son with housing and in home care. She has been very compassionate, understanding, supportive and professional. Thank you for your assistance in this matter and it has been an honor to work with Bonita Plested."

- Laura M.
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