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Who To Call And What To Do When Your Loves One Needs LTC Assistance

January 23, 2023

Senior Care Authority Featured on Top-Rated Long-Term Care Podcast

Senior Care Authority prides itself on helping families find safe and appropriate local facilities to place their loved ones. “Our sweet spot is helping people to be able to sleep at night knowing their mom or dad is okay,” commented John Alagood, the area owner of Senior Care Authority, who recently appeared on LTC Heroes, the top-rated podcast about long-term care.

Alagood spoke with Experience Care’s Victoria Arama about how he guides families, drawing their attention to important factors impacting their decisions. “I encourage the family to think about and understand the location, care cost, and safety, especially as those will change over time.” You can watch the interview below:

The goal of the Senior Care Authority is to help seniors and their loved ones make informed decisions. “We're typically working with the family,” Alagood said. On the podcast, he also explained why the family's first impression is crucial to finding the right solution. “The first thing we do when we leave the building is to ask, ‘What are your thoughts and impressions?’ because that's the best point to capture that information,” he said.

Clearly, that sort of communicative approach is working. Lewis and Alagood were joined by Laura, a client of Senior Care Authority, who commented on the value of this placement assistance service. “Senior Care Authority does much more than investigative work on the facilities they recommend,” she said. “John also came to appointments with us to ask questions so facility owners and managers could speak more freely, and that was critical.”.

Laura also appreciated the comprehensive support and expert advice that Alagood and his team provided. “Senior Care Authority took care of so many things,” said Laura. “As a novice, you don't know what questions to ask or know the right people to go to. John was very good at guiding us, from the care that my parents were going to get to the attention to detail that the facility was going to give.” It is that sort of commitment that drives Senior Care Authority forward every day while meeting the high expectations of its clients. 

Written by: Cindy Wong


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