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What Are Some Benefits of Holistic Living for You and Your Senior Loved Ones?

June 4, 2022

More and more research is showing the connection between the mind, body, and spirit — an interdependency that is at the heart of holistic living. To live holistically means you are taking responsibility for the wellness of your whole being through conscious choices about how you spend your time, with whom you do so, what you eat, how you treat illnesses, what you prioritize, and more. The benefits of holistic living are thought to be numerous and can be especially so for seniors. Here, we’ll look at a few of them and why they might matter to your senior loved one.

Better Connections

Holistic living honors the need for human connection and interaction and encourages practitioners of the lifestyle to make time for relationships with family, friends, neighbors —even pets. Our emotional needs are too often overshadowed by what are perceived as more pressing responsibilities, and with seniors at an already higher risk of feeling isolated and alone, it’s especially important that their emotional lives be acknowledged and tended to.

Holistic living embraces the importance of social well-being, giving it the respect and attention it deserves. As the caregiver of a senior, you can encourage your loved one to seek out in-person

interactions with others and provide them with the opportunities to do so. You can also honor your own need for connection by spending time with your senior loved one in ways you both enjoy.

Better Mood

Holistic living is also about prioritizing mental health and a better mood, which can be achieved through mindfulness, exercise, diet, and other avenues. Mood is closely connected to physical health — your body processes emotional stress in much the same way it does physical stress. Too much stress can ultimately lead to physical and mental illnesses, such as ulcers, skin conditions, depression, and more. Holistic approaches that include counseling, breathing exercises, meditation, and spending time in nature can improve one’s mental and spiritual wellbeing, establishing or reestablishing the connection you have with your most inner self. Getting in touch with the deepest part of oneself is a core tenet of holistic living and can lead to more happiness and a stronger sense of fulfillment.

Better Health Care

Because holistic living focuses on the whole person, illness is not simply seen as a set of symptoms, and health is not achieved without recognizing the connection it has to other areas of our lives. A holistic lifestyle includes mindful choices in what we eat, how we sleep, how we move, and more. By paying attention to a healthy diet and regular exercise, by making sure we get quality sleep, and by being mindful of our thoughts and how they affect our emotional lives, better overall health can be enjoyed.

Furthermore, when it does come time to treat illness, holistic practitioners are not limited to traditional treatment options. Natural herbal remedies, alternative medicines, and lifestyle changes are often part of a plan, one that avoids symptomatic treatment and focuses instead on root causes, which can often reduce the need for repeated and costly treatments.

To find out more about holistic living benefits and other senior living care lifestyles for your loved one, reach out to Senior Care Authority today.

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