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Jack Angel, CSA®, CDP, Local Senior Advisor
Certified Senior Advisor®
Certified Dementia Practitioner

Wendee Angel, CSA®, SRES®, MRP
Certified Senior Advisor ®
Senior Real Estate Specialist ®
Military Relocation Professional

Our Senior Care and Senior Living Seminars

As Senior Care experts, we provide various seminars and events to local residents to learn more about aging and senior living options. Check out our list of seminars below to learn more about our upcoming topics.


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Caring For Parents – The Dependency Challenge

As difficult as it is to become responsible for one’s own parents, it is actually more difficult to learn how to become dependent on your children. What are those challenges and how can you best cope with them?

Experiencing A Healthy And Happy Holiday Season With Your Family

As families gather to celebrate the holidays, there is a potential downside. This is the time of year that seniors experience their greatest health challenges. And one of the reasons for those challenges is the family gathering. What can you do to keep yourself healthy and happy during this time of stress and joy? This seminar can be adapted to address how the family can prepare for hosting or visiting their loved senior.

How To Talk To Your Doctor When You Have A Serious Illness

Doctors have to have serious talks with patients frequently—talks about life and death. Yet, they are typically ill-prepared for those talks. You have probably never had that talk before, or possibly once or twice, making you even less prepared for that talk. How can you prepare and what should you focus on when you are faced with this situation?

Senior Living: Choosing The Community

Even though most senior living decisions are made quickly due to some health-related event, we typically have sufficient time and awareness to make a good decision—or do we? What more is needed to make the best decision possible?

Behind The Scenes With Medicare And Insurance

What the websites and most insurance salespeople don’t tell you. Are all supplements and Advantage plans the same? How is Medicare working with hospitals and other providers to keep you healthy—or are they just trying to save money?

Aging with a Purpose

What is the role of faith in aging? Does your faith provide you with purpose as you experience life’s changes?

Life: A Work In Progress

This seminar is interactive with the purpose of informing and preparing seniors for transitions in their life as they age. It is conducted in two sessions 1-3 weeks apart. Some lead time is necessary to collaborate with the hosting group and customize to the audience.

Truths and Myths of Senior Living and Long-Term Care

Test yourself with our quiz! Does Medicare cover most types of long-term care? Is Assisted Living like a Convalescent Home? Do spouses of veterans receive help paying for long-term care? We discuss conventional wisdom – and common misunderstandings.

Planning for Long-Term Care: The Talks, the Team, and the Timing

What decisions need to be made to prepare for possible long-term care? What do we discuss as a family? What kinds of help do we need to build and execute a good plan? Even doing the right things in the wrong order can create problems. Courageous families address these issues head on to make difficult transitions much less challenging.

Paying for Long-Term Care: New Solutions and Vanishing Resources

Where is the money going to come from? This discussion provides survey of resources, including some less common tools and approaches. From long-term care insurance and life benefit plans to VA benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, reverse mortgages, and bridge loans – the tools are plentiful, but complicated.

Stay or Move? In-Home Care vs Independent/Assisted Living

How can you stay at home safely as long as possible? When more care is needed, how do you find the right place and smooth the downsizing process? We discuss the decisions, resources, and costs involved in maximizing quality of life before and after a move.

Senior Placement vs. Remote Referrals

Is a database enough to find the right long-term care? Entrusting a senior to a long-term care community is both life changing and high stakes. We discuss the difference between internet and phone-based referral services vs. hands-on placement agents who know the communities, leadership, and safety records.

The Hidden Costs of Caregiving for Businesses

Tens of millions of working Americans are caregivers at home. From absenteeism to stress and pre-occupation, the costs to businesses are estimated in the $100’s of billions. Proactive employers are improving productivity and satisfaction through strategic resources for caregivers.

Adults With Agent Parent Drivers

This is designed for family members, caregivers and loved ones of senior drivers. It was developed to help members of the baby-boomer generation when they become concerned about a loved one's ability to drive safely as a result of the natural aging process.

A Safe Drive Through the Aging Process

This presentation is specifically for senior drivers. It can best be described as a practical, entertaining, and realistic approach to the issue of "senior drivers vs. the aging process". This presentation is designed to increase awareness concerning the onset of diminishing driving skills related to the aging process.


Seminar Presenters:

Jack Angel, MBA, CSA, CDP | (936) 225-4373

Jack is the Area Owner of Senior Care Authority in Southeast Texas and a speaker on senior living and care topics. A Certified Senior Advisor and Certified Dementia Practitioner, Jack and his team take great pride in helping families find dignity and quality of life in later years.


Space is limited RSVP is required to reserve your spot.

Grandpa and Grandson
Couple at Lake

“We received all the help we needed and were extremely satisfied with all your follow up.”

- S. Culver

“My mom really appreciated you coming to the residential care home the night my dad arrived. Thank you!”

- J. Giovanni

“You are amazingly wonderful and patient and do good things in this world.”

- S. Coleman

“We received all the help we needed and were extremely satisfied with all your follow up.”

- S. Culver

“My mom really appreciated you coming to the residential care home the night my dad arrived. Thank you!”

- J. Giovanni

“You are amazingly wonderful and patient and do good things in this world.”

- S. Coleman
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