John Henry

John Henry

Serving Orlando, FL

(407) 309-5917

5401 S. Kirkman Rd. Suite 310, Orlando, Florida 32819

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John Henry

John Henry is a Senior Care Advisor with Senior Care Authority. Before joining Senior Care Authority, John worked for 20 years at the intersection of sports, digital technologies, and content. Most recently Senior Director of Digital Business & Strategy at Golf Channel. John is experienced in content management, project management, product management, customer service, and people management.

He graduated with a BA in History with Minor in Economics from The College of William & Mary in Virginia.

Has many hobbies, such as running, reading, golf, and sports, big fan of Orlando City Soccer Club and Liverpool Football Club.

Being a keen volunteer, Runs marathons to support Team for Kids. Serves as a class ambassador for William & Mary and also is a co-chair of Friends of William & Mary Golf raising money for the golf programs.

On a personal note, John loves spending time with his family, has two older sisters, a nephew, and three nieces.

John Henry joined SCA so that he could engage with his passion for helping people and serve the Orlando and Orange County, Florida community.


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