How to Help Aging Parents Who Are Unsafe in Their San Rafael, California Home

Here is a great article that demonstrates how difficult it can be to convince an aging parent it is no longer safe to live at home.  Let Senior Care Authority help your aging loved with senior living placement in Solano, Napa, Marin, Sonoma, and Contra Costa Counties, California.

How Do I Get Dad Out of His Cluttered, Unsafe Home?

by Carol Bradley Bursack

People want to stay in their own homes. You hear it and read about it all the time. And there’s some merit to that. Most of us can relate to the fact that relocating is emotionally charged. Add the fact that our parents get sick and tired of suffering the indignities of aging and often feel bossed around by everyone from the government to their kids, and you can understand why they often get stubborn. Where they live may be, in their minds, their “last stand.”

Many elders do well in their homes. They graciously accept the help they need, have cleaning people come in, and are even able to throw away the old newspapers that are piling up in the corner. They are content with adding some safety measures and feel cozy with a bit of clutter.

Then there’s the other side. Many seniors are living in the same home they raised their children in. These homes are modest, but worked well for raising their family and even for the early empty nest years. Often, however, they are two-story cottages, with the bedrooms and the only bathroom up a long flight of stairs. They have small closets and full basements, generally stuffed to the rafters with things they’ve forgotten but feel they can’t live without.