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What Does It Mean To Be Seen?

Once again I find myself calling uponmindfulness practice to work through more of my experience with my mother’sAlzheimer’s disease during the last months and years of her life.

I still remember the day I walked into thememory care community where my Mom was living. She was sitting in herwheelchair, seemingly calm and content, and looked up at me when I came closeand said “Hi Mom” and bent to hug her. She glanced at me briefly and lookedaway as if she had seen a blank wall. Not a flicker. Not even a polite smile. Itwas customary that when I walked in, she still, even in later stages of thedisease, beamed with love and recognition when she saw me. I have told thisstory countless times to clients, friends, and other family members. I wasinspired to share this with you because of an article I read today that hasmade me pause and take yet another, deeper look into what I often refer to as“the worst day of my life”. Could there have been another way to frame thatexperience, and perhaps soften the grief of the moment and so many momentssince?

Back then, I was not an eldercareprofessional, had not had the experience or education that I have now, andoften tell myself that if I had, I would have done things differently. Admittedly,I am not very kind to myself in these moments and even when I say I did thebest I could at the time, it sometimes feels a bit hollow. Even though I amechoing what I offer in all earnest to my clients, I seem to have troubleintegrating it into my own heart and psyche.

What is really underneath the disappointment,pain, and shock of not being recognized by a loved one?

There are big questions we can ask ourselvesabout this experience – if we are willing to take the deep dive into our owntruth and vulnerability. If that resonates for you, or if you are strugglingwith the ache of not being recognized by someone who perhaps has known you fordecades or even your entire life, take a look at this article by SusanMacauley. It might pave the way for profound self-inquiry that could be a pathof healing in the struggle I know many of you have experienced or are currentlyliving through.

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Written by Marcy Baskin: Elder Care Manager, Family Coach, and Managing Director of Senior Care Authority. She is also the author of Assisted Living: Questions I Wish I Had Asked.

​20 great questions to ask when a loved one doesn't recognize you anymore, by Susan Macauley. 

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What Does It Mean To Be Seen?