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Gift Ideas For Seniors

Now is the time of year when we give our loved ones gifts to show that we are thinking of them. Many of us, especially seniors, appreciate the “gift of giving”. Instead of another sweater, pair of gloves, or other material item. Consider some ideas that your loved one may enjoy and appreciate even more......

A Shopping Trip Depending on your senior’s mobility, this is a nice way to get your senior outdoors and into the community. If she is homebound then consider a virtual shopping trip online.

Staying Connected Bring your phone or computer to help re-connect to family members and friends that mean a lot to your senior.

Helping in the kitchen Help plan and prepare a favorite holiday dish. Bring some of your favorite memories to share around the holiday table.

Attend a Holiday Service A simple way to get out of the house and to celebrate the meaning of the holidays, whatever that is for your loved one.

Gift Wrapping and Shipping Gift wrapping is not as easy when you have arthritis or other debilitating condition. Help your loved one wrap and ship gifts while enjoying time together.

Virtual Shopping Share the ease and convenience of online shopping. Many seniors are not savvy about this option.

Holiday Cards Sending holiday greetings through the mail is a long held tradition for many seniors. Help your loved one prepare and mail their cards. Make sure you have stamps!

Virtual Greetings Show your elder what an online greeting looks like and let them decide if they would like to send their greetings that way. Remember to bring your family’s email addresses.

Do good and give back Organize a group of your loved one’s friends and find a joyful holiday activity to do together. Christmas caroling, delivering gifts and cheer to home bound people, bringing sweet treats or small gifts to children in the hospital are some examples of ways to do good and spend quality time together.

Christmas Cheer Offer to set up lights, trim a tree, decorate at home (indoors and outdoors).

The Gift of Time Sometimes all someone wants is a little of your time and undivided attention. Let them choose the setting, activity, and schedule. You are all they really want.  

And remember, you can always reach out to Senior Care Authority at (888) 854-3910, to speak with a Senior Advisor for a no-cost consultation! Make your holidays memorable and peaceful this year by planning in advance.www.seniorcareauthority.com

By:  Marcy Baskin, Managing Director Senior Care Authority

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Gift Ideas For Seniors