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Finding Your Seat, Finding Your Way

Moving to an assisted living community, particularly as a single person, can feel reminiscent of the high school cafeteria at your new school. Where do I sit? Who do I talk to? Is there a friendly welcoming face in this crowd? Who will teach me the ropes?


Fortunately, by the time someone reaches the age where they are making this transition, chances are they have more confidence than they did in high school or they simply care less about what other people think. That said, most of us enjoy the comfort of camaraderie and friendship during such a big move.

I want to share an article directed toward that senior who is downsizing, perhaps needing a little assistance, who is still active and engaged, and is open to some ideas about how to find their way in a new community. While most of the tips are for the person who is moving, family members take note: there are also do’s and don’ts for you.

Everyone needs to remember that moving is stressful at any age. Hopefully, the senior will be able to accept their own feelings about this big change and eventually feel safe and sound in their new environment. A word of caution to friends and relatives — don’t mitigate how scary this might be, don’t take over the preparation and packing, and don’t try and get them to feel any differently than they feel. Do be patient, do recognize what is your own discomfort and try and separate it from their experience. It really is all about them.

Moving Into An Assisted Living Residence: Making A Successful Transition A Guide For New Residents & Families

You have made the decision to move into an assisted living residence. Yet you still have many questions. Do I really need the help? Will I make new friends? Will I receive help when I need it? Will I continue to see my family and friends? While all these questions are common, the answer to all of them is the same— Yes! You can make new friends, you can receive the personal assistance you need, and you can continue to see your family and friends. ​Continue Reading…

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Written by Marcy Baskin: Elder Care Manager, Family Coach, and Managing Director of Senior Care Authority. She is also the author of Assisted Living: Questions I Wish I Had Asked.

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Finding Your Seat, Finding Your Way