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Ensuring Best Outcomes in Long Term Care

Ensuring Best Outcomes in Long Term Care

Sanford Horowitz is an attorney who has concentrated almost all of his practice on Elder Abuse and Neglect Litigation. Mr. Horowitz discusses how family members should interact with ownership and staff in order to ensure best outcomes for their loved ones at assisted living communities, residential care homes and skilled nursing facilities.


Frank: Speaking about our area, I have with us not only a wonderful professional in his field but also a good friend. So, I'm thrilled, I always like bringing friends on as well that are in the industry. His name is Sanford Horowitz. He is a Plaintiff's Attorney in Sonoma Valley, and for twenty years has concentrated almost all of his practice on Elder Abuse and Neglect Litigation, select Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, and other cases are also pursued.
Mr. Horowitz was Lead Trial Counsel and Co-Appellate Counsel in the landmark Elder Abuse case, Delaney v. Baker, and has been an active participant as a Moderator and Speaker in many seminars in California.
Mr. Horowitz handled a case that was featured in the Citizen's Coalition for Nursing Home Reform Publication, The Faces of Neglect, which was hand-delivered to members of Congress to aid in the Congressional briefing in the area of Elder Abuse and Medical Malpractice.
Mr. Horowitz is a graduate of Tulane University and University of San Francisco School of Law, and he will tell you how you could get more information on him which is horowitzelderlaw.com. We'll repeat that before the end of the show. So, I'm going to call you Sandy if that's okay, since we're friends, so... (Laughter)

Sandy: Good morning Frank! It's a pleasure to be here.

Frank: Mr. Horowitz seems a little formal for me talking to you. Sandy, great to have you on the show on Aging Boomers. I know that when I was just doing the radio show I've had you on in the past. Great to have you back and we're talking about, I mean, it's a subject matter that I think is just so important.
And it was really a thought of yours to talk about because you deal with this each and every day in your professional career, but you've gone through it personally, too, in dealing with, not only nursing hospitals and assisted living communities and smaller care homes, you've gone through it both professionally and personally, and that's what we want to talk about.
On the show we've had guests on before talk about assisted living or nursing and how making the right selection and we've done shows like that which has been great. We've gotten a lot of good input. But we are going to get it to the next step right now. Alright, you made that decision. The family has made that decision. I guess how to best deal with issues that occur as a loved one, like a parent age and how to best deal with the staff there, just give me your thoughts on that. I know there's a lot of different areas to cover, but tell me your thoughts. I was just telling our listeners that you deal with this professionally on an everyday basis and have gone through it yourself, personally and we want to talk about how people who are dealing with family members or other loved ones and long-term care facilities whether it be nursing or assisted living or smaller care homes, you know the best way to go about that just from a communication standpoint, who they should be working with. So, what guidance can you give to them?

Sandy: Well, that's certainly one of the most important things is how you look out for your loved one, and because of our personal relationship, you know very well it's interesting how I've done this professionally for years. I went through ten years of Alzheimer's with my own dad and it really gave me a lot of insight into how difficult this all is because I was armed with all of this knowledge, and I still have to make sure the right things were going on, and it really gave me a lot of insight no matter how long you do something into what clients go through, and the level of stress and worry.

Frank: Great, great. Sanford Horowitz, great information. We kind of took a little bit of a different approach here and I think it was well worthwhile. So, I want to thank you so much. Thanks for joining us, and thank you all for joining us out there. To Listen to this interview in it’s entirety, or you can listen to all the other shows as well. Again, you can go to AgingBoomers.com. You can download the app on your phones; you could go to iTunes; lots of different ways. So, thanks so much, be safe out there, and we'll talk to you all soon!

Frank M. Samson is Founder of Senior Care Authority based in Sonoma and also hosts “The Aging Boomers” on KSVY 91.3 or can be listened to live at www.ksvy.com, every Monday at 2pm PT. The company provides free assistance to families in helping them find In-Home Care, Independent and Assisted Living for their loved ones. He can be reached at 707.939.8744 or e-mailed at frank@seniorcareauthority.com. The company website is www.seniorcareauthority.com.

Ensuring Best Outcomes in Long Term Care