CVS Revamps to Meet Specialty Medicine Needs

In April 2014, CVS Health launched an initiative called Specialty Connect to provide simpler ordering and delivery options to specialty drug customers. This is good news for seniors and those that are ill. -- Kathy Winkelman, Senior Care Advisor, Senior Care Authority South Bay Area

CVS Revamps to Meet Specialty Medicine Needs
The process of filling prescriptions at CVS seems simple enough: Walk in or call, drop off prescription, pick up later. But for a select population of CVS Health customers, a prescription pick-up is anything but easy.

Patients living with complex illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and cancer often face a frustrating process to get their medications. Enbrel, for example, is a popular drug for rheumatoid arthritis that requires refrigeration and is administered via injection.
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