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Boomers Today is our weekly podcast that helps educate families on resources available to the aging boomer population. Frank Samson, founder and CEO of Senior Care Authority®, interviews a different expert on aspects of what families face as the Boomers and their parents are aging. Subjects range from caregiver challenges, to legal matters, to financial considerations, to health and wellness topics and self-care. 

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Alzheimer's Disease Research

Dr. Andrews-Zwilling discusses more about dementia, Alzheimer’s and what to expect in the coming years. She has established her own research program to develop drugs that block the detrimental effects of apoE4 on nerve cells in collaboration with Dr. Robert W. Mahley at the Gladstone Institute.

Family Planning For Eldercare

Joy Loverde is recognized as one of the leading experts on successful aging and eldercare. She discusses important points of her best selling book, “The Complete Eldercare Planner,” reflects the depth of her understanding and compassion for the needs of older Americans.

Understanding Elder Care Management

Learn more from Kira Reginato what an Elder Care Manager does and how they can assist with some of the challenges that families are faced with as parents and other loved ones age.

Solutions for Independent Living

Marc Mendelsohn is considered one of leading experts in the country in healthy & affordable solutions for safe and independent living and discusses this very subject.

Assisted Living...What You Need To Know

About 70 percent of individuals over the age of 65 will need some sort of long-term care services during their lifetime. Between 2000-2010, there was a 68 percent increase of deaths attributed to Alzheimer’s disease. Costs are skyrocketing. Frank Samson will discuss what you need to know should this need arise within your family.

Senior Scams and Preventions

Art Maines is a Licensed Professional Counselor and expert in frauds and scams against the elderly. Art is the author of Scammed: 3 Steps to Help Your Elder Parents and Yourself. A must listen to if you want to help prevent a loved one get scammed.

What’s In-Home Care All About?

Bob Nations, CEO of Senior Helpers in the North Bay of Northern California discusses what to look for when hiring in inhome care organization or caregivers.

The Vintage Years

Francine Toder is a psychologist, emeritus university faculty member, writer, lecturer and author of three books. She discusses her research which shows that fine arts may be the best way to stimulate the brain and how those 60 years and older can rediscover themselves through the arts.

What is Your Life Expectancy?

S. Jay Olshansky, Ph.D., is an author, professor and worldwide expert on the subject of an aging. He discusses recent research on aging and how you can get a much better idea of your life expectancy.

A New Online Community for Boomers

What was born from a restaurant napkin scribble, Boomeon has grown into a full-fledged online community. Bill Murphy, founder of Boomeon discusses this how it started and continued expansion.

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