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Bill and Claudia Johnson

Bill and Claudia began their endeavor into Senior Care Authority after living through the stressful search for how to best accommodate the placement of Claudia’s mom into a Memory Care Facility. Bill also had walked the path with a mom who suffered from dementia. Learning about Senior Care Authority, after all of the hard work, locating the “right” place gave us the burning desire to aid families who find themselves in this predicament and who are looking for answers.

Bill and Claudia have very diverse backgrounds, with Bill’s focus having been in construction and sales in many venues and Claudia’s on the medical field, bookkeeping with attention to organization and details. Both have a great handle on the needs of families facing this stage of life. They have both owned and operated their own businesses and strive to meet the needs of those who seek to do business with them.

The primary goal here is doing what is right for each family. All families have specific needs and desires when faced with such devastating circumstances and want SOMEONE out there to hold their hand and walk them through this season of life. The thought of being the conduit between the crisis and the final outcome brings satisfaction to both of them.

Claudia Johnson

You can rest assured that every rock will be overturned and they will strive to find all the answers needed to connect the dots and find an amenable direction for your family to rest at night knowing the best possible decision has been made.

Together they have 4 married children and 7 grandchildren who are of utmost importance to them. They love the outdoors and have a great appreciation for all that has been given to them to be stewards over.

Relationships are a gift and each one takes time and consistency to develop and hold onto.

Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson describes himself as a “career peddler” who for nearly 40 years has been introducing new products and developing new territories for a wide variety of companies both large and small. His journey has also includes a few start up ventures.

Early experiences included working as a "trouble shooter" for a Fortune 500 company calling on neglected clients. Success in this arena required a compassionate approach, listening to customer’s needs and concerns long before earning the right to open a sample case.

Whether opening new territories or introducing new products the process is always the same….people first and profit second. The goal of developing relationships to accomplish tasks based on shared vision became a foundational principle for Bill.

Most recently, as the owner of a small design/build firm specializing in outdoor living, years of consultative selling experience taught him to listen for the unspoken family needs beyond the stated wants. Our firm designed “spaces to make memories” rather than just patios.

It’s all about relationships. When my wife and I were praying about starting another business we asked three things. First, may we be involved in an immerging opportunity with long-term potential. Secondly, we’d like to work with something that is needed. Third, could it be consultative in nature? We heard of Senior Care Authority the next day. Coincidence? We think not!

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