Being a Caregiver means feeling Guilty

"Being a mother means feeling guilty," my counselor told me when I said I felt guilty about taking my daughter to day care when I went to work. "You are never going to do it perfectly. All you can do is the best that you can." Those words ring just as true for adult children caring for elderly parents. Guilt seems to be part of the package. In her blog, Kay Bransford writes about the joys, sorrows and yes, the guilt, that goes along with caring for her mother. -- Carol Traeger, Senior Care Authority Communications Specialist

Dementia and the Caregiver Guilt Trip
Dealing with Dementia, Kay Bransford

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the ongoing journey with mom. Two weeks ago, I sat and observed her in the community center before going up to say hello and she looked so sad. I left wondering if we are doing right by mom and was in a funk for days over it. My mom told me for 30 years she never wanted to be a burden to her children which is why they moved into a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). A quick tour through my blog will tell you a very different story. Read more . . .