Nevada Elderly Care Services

Generally speaking, Assisted Living is for people that need help with the activities of daily living (ADLs). Depending on the type of care, individual needs and individual desires, Assisted Living can be a great option for your loved one.

Options range from small, family Residential Care Homes to larger, full-service communities with hundreds of residents. Many of these locations specialize in Dementia Care, including Alzheimer’s.

In years past, many seniors were placed in Nursing Homes and this choice may be necessary for individuals with specific medical problems.

However, with the growth of Assisted Living and residential care homes, other options may work well depending upon your love one’s needs.

Median Monthly Costs


Assisted Living Facilities $3,050
Nursing Home Care

$7,939 Semi-Private Room

$8,648 Private Room

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Facilities in Nevada

Angel Prestige


out of 7 ratings

3712 Spitze Drive Las Vegas, Nevada 89103 USA

Talk to a local Advisor about this community 801-405-9250

Capacity 10

Cessabella Residential Suite LLC #1


out of 6 ratings

8295 Opal Station Dr Reno, Nevada 89506 USA

Talk to a local Advisor about this community 800-984-5201

Capacity 8

Sweet Heart Care Home


out of 4 ratings

213 Red Horizon Terrace Henderson, Nevada 89015 USA

Talk to a local Advisor about this community 801-405-9250

Capacity 6

Quality Guest Home


out of 3 ratings

5280 Burnham Ave Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 USA

Talk to a local Advisor about this community 801-405-9250

Capacity 5

Laurelwood Group Home Llc


out of 5 ratings

4752 Torrence Drive Las Vegas, Nevada 89103 USA

Talk to a local Advisor about this community 801-405-9250

Capacity 5
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Solving the Isolation Challenge

Cynthia Perthuis leads and owns the Senior Care Authority offices in New York City and Southwest Florida. Cynthia has a passion for helping others and advocating for those that do not have the ability to speak for themselves. Her own personal experience with her parents and her entrepreneurial background has helped so many family members with the stress of helping and caring for aging loved ones.

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No Cost Consultation During the Coronavirus Outbreak

On this special podcast, Marcy Baskin and Frank Samson, senior executives at Senior Care Authority, discuss how families can get help now. Families confronted with difficult situations and trying to access eldercare resources can get support and real-time information from a local advisor.

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Advisors Spotlight


Senior Care Authority

Our goal is simply this: to provide you with the support, direction, and resources you need to make the best possible decisions for your loved one.

Jeremy Pike

Jeremy and Lisa Pike are spending countless hours inspecting locations, including middle to larger size communities as well as smaller, residential care homes, meeting the staff and reviewing state reports to advise you of any citations that may have been issued against a particular location. As Senior Care Advisors, they will meet personally with you to discuss various options and will accompany you on visits to locations to ensure all your questions are answered. Jeremy and Lisa provide options to only the best, and the hallmark of their service commitment is that they will be by your side every step of the way.


Souban Houn-Cairns

Serving the Phoenix Area and having great professional and academic healthcare experience - Souban is perfectly suited for working with families in researching facilities and in home care services, navigating the complex healthcare communities and resources available and finding the right, individualized care solutions for your family and loved ones.

Steve Villa

Serving the Contra Costa County Area. Steve is the owner of Transitions with Care - Senior Care Authority’s representative in Contra Costa County - a professional, full-service Senior Living Placement agency,  whose intimate knowledge of the assisted living, residential care homes and memory care locations are in Contra Costa County and Tri Valley areas of Northern California. Steve Villa is a  graduate of Santa Clara University with a BS in Psychology.