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Kathy and Karl Winkelman

karl winkelmanKarl Winkelman President
Senior Care Authority South Bay Area
408.658.9465 and 408.221.9460

Innovative Leader and Strategist
Continuous Process Improvement
Diagnostic Solutions
Convergent Thinker

Karl Winkelman, an innovative leader and strategist, has held executive leadership positions throughout his entire corporate career. As a former CEO and President of InPrint Corporation and Vice President of Sales for ARC Northern California Division, a Fortune 1000 Company he is recognized as a business leader and has proven success in his career.

He has expertise in building new programs, identifying new trends, emerging markets, and introducing state of the art technology solutions to customers which has attributed greatly to his and their success. He also believes in building value for his clients.

From this unique vantage point, Karl wanted to continue to leverage his business expertise and apply his skills into an industry that he is passionate about. He is knowledgeable, organized and results oriented.

Karl and Katherine Winkelman are currently owners of Senior Care Authority South Bay. SCA is a well-known and respected entity offering expertise in the Senior Care Industry through trained Advisors providing personal care and going the extra mile for clients at no charge to the client. SCA provides several forms of up to date education and information about state of the art techniques, discoveries through newsletters and podcasts to make this transition as easy as possible. Karl and Katherine provide an elder care referral service for the growing senior population in the Santa Clara County and Santa Cruz County, doing business as Senior Care Authority South Bay covering the area from Gilroy north and around the South Bay Area and Santa Cruz Area. “Transitioning to an assisted living facility or nursing home can be difficult, but with the guidance of Senior Care Authority, it doesn’t have to be”, he said.

As President and Owner of Assisted Transition for the past two years Karl has successfully worked together with many of our Senior population and their families and uses his skills and expertise in helping them to find the resources that they need and guide them through a successful experience in this transition period. Karl was sought after by Senior Care Authority, a company he greatly respects for their ability to collaborate and educate, making this company highly regarded by professionals as well as families.

“I had personal experience with my Mom and Dad in 2000, where I had to find two communities because I was contacted by a social worker from Adult Protective Services. My parents were in need of immediate care. I had no idea of what to do. Kathy and I immediately started to research, but didn’t know where to begin. Our challenges were financial, geographic, and emotionally trying to get buy in from my parents because they had to be separated and taken from their homes. Eventually we were able to place them in two homes mother went to live in Saratoga, CA and my dad was put in hospice in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

If I would have had an Elder Care Specialist, if I knew what I know now, I would have been able to direct them to the same community. I also would have saved time, money and the emotional stress. Now we can help families walk through this with ease and we look forward to it.”

“I would like to thank you and your wife Kathy for all your help in finding a wonderful community for my mother. She was not happy where she was at and her health was starting to deteriorate. Now with the assistance of the new community she is eating all her meals, walking without a wheelchair, and even participating in activities (especially likes the bingo and ice cream happy hour). You and Kathy made this so much easier for Mom and the family. I know I would never have found such a great spot—and convenient for the family.”

Karl builds strong and lasting partnerships with Hospitals, Assisted Living Communities, Residential Care Homes, Adult Residential Facilities, Alzheimer Communities, Hospice Care, Skilled Nursing Homes, Home Health and Senior Housing organizations. “

Karl has years of experience and education. “Senior Care Authority is a nationwide Franchise that provides another opportunity for continued meaningful business career, to have an expanding staff, and run a respected and much-needed business,” Winkelman said.

katherine winkelmanKatherine Winkelman, Vice President
Senior Care Authority South Bay

Cross Cultural Entrepreneurism
Program Development
Educator and Trainer 
Social Media and e-Commerce

Katherine is a “people person,” has expertise in building and managing programs, projects, volunteers and staff for various organizations within the education, retail, nonprofit, and healthcare industries. She is recognized in her community and among her peers for being a mentor, creative and collaborative leader and teacher, and someone who brings enjoyment for working with people and projects.

She has worked in all areas of business from sales, operations, finance and client services to marketing fulfillment, social media and training. Her expertise is in building new and maintaining existing client relationships. She believes that everyone has a “calling” or a “gift” in life. Her passion which stems from her love of teaching has been to encourage gifts in others and invite others to participate, whether that is through workshops, events, or special programs.

She has attained a high level of success and helped each organization that she has been a part of, meet and exceed their objectives. She connects people and organizations to find solutions to their problems. Her circle of influence has expanded the footprint of the institutions long after she has exited from her positions.

She believes in building value for the client and the organizations she works with and as a project developer she continues to inform, educate, teach and empower. Her ability to communicate is a strong asset. This helps her with her current role at Senior Care Authority because her main goal is to provide her clients and their families with the right fit in Senior Care. Her passion for helping families and clients find the right environment in this stage of life is so important to her. She treats each person as an individual, matching their tastes and wishes with the right living environment.

“Many thanks, to Kathy Winkelman, who tirelessly took my father and me to facilities to view and reviewed and visited facilities without us so that if it wasn’t the right fit, we didn’t waste our time. Her service…a God-send for us. If you need help finding any kind of transitional living for your friends or family, please call her or her husband, Karl! 408-658-9465. It makes a difficult task so bearable!”

Her legacy and commitment to improving her community and the lives of people still remain today within the Los Gatos School District (K-12) and Non-profit community. She played a key role for 20 years at St. Lucy’s and St. Mary’s Churches, and Los Gatos Schools K – 12 with CASA, Community Against Substance Abuse. Katherine contributed to building programs for Healthy Lifestyle Choices facilitating communications and effecting programs for families, schools, community, managing volunteers and students.

Katherine, CEO and President of Gioia Italian Art and Products, launched her company in 2006 because she values the arts, hospitality and the Italian Culture.

She has an entrepreneurial spirit and she is excited about working also with her husband Karl as a co-owner of Senior Care Authority South Bay after two years as owners of Assisted Transition Santa Clara County. She feels that there is a common bond between the two vocations. Gioia Company and Senior Care Authority are both founded in the principal of helping people and bringing joy to their lives

In addition, to her nonprofit and business career she has worked in the healthcare field at Good Samaritan Hospital. As the oldest of eight children, and raising three sons, Katherine is comfortable with families and a caregiver herself. She now enjoys her work with the elder community and their families.

In 2011 Katherine received public recognition as Professional of the Year representing the Specialty Product Sales Industry by the World Wide Who’s Who. She received a BA in History, Early American and Renaissance and an MBA, from Santa Clara University. She is bilingual and speaks conversational Italian.

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