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Senior Care Consultant
DD Piyanontalee


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Senior Care Consultant
DD Piyanontalee

I personally feel that the most critical stages of our life are at the beginning when babies are born, children are growing and when we are reaching our senior years. At the two stages we tend to be more vulnerable as children aren't ready and capable to be entirely independent in many ways. Similarly to the elderly who are becoming more dependently in needs for help and supports. It is critical for both stages to stay in a trusting and caring environment. I have always had my heart for children, the elderly and the vulnerables.

My attitude in life has always been about treating others the ways I like to be treated, being kind to others and help out others when you can. I believe in human kindness and extended gratitude and happiness to make a better place for everyone.

Joining Senior Care Authority is another step that I am taking and I believe will enable me to extend my ability to help out while making a living, especially for families who are in needs of placing their loved ones in a most affordable, suitable in caring, nurturing and loving assistace.

I have an 85 year old mother who is currently and fortunately under a care of one of my sisters. We are fortunate to have a family member who is able to offer time and love to care for our mom who is ever in needs of personal help and care from her hip injury about a year ago. I can understand the full level of care and love that my mother needs which I intend to do the same for my clients and families who are looking for the same level of assistance.

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