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Cynthia Perthuis

I have over 35 years of experience managing teams in client support and service, relationship management, product and business development. I have started and sold two businesses and I have worked with both manufacturing and service companies in both start-ups and global multi-billion dollar corporations. The last 20 years, most of my career was centered on financial services as a global sales manager and business development expert.

I have public speaking training and have served as a subject expert on several industry panels.
While working in a high performance career in New York, I worked diligently with my sister to care for my parents in their final years in Texas. The work that we did in finding the right place for them was a full-time job on top of my other job. I wish I had a partner like SCA at that time to step in and share that burden.

Because of that experience, I regularly serve as a sounding board to friends and colleagues as they go through the aging process.

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