Assisted living consultant Bryan Baumann

Bryan Baumann

Serving Oakland and Livingston counties of the state of Michigan


3079 South Baldwin Rd, Suite 1022, Lake Orion, Michigan 48359

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Bryan Baumann

Bryan Baumann is the newest area owner of Senior Care Authority, covering Oakland and Livingston counties. Bryan, a long-time Michigan resident, began his adult life with a career in outside sales. His strong desire to help people drove him to eventually get his nursing degree and he has spent the last seven years in the healthcare industry working as a Registered Nurse in many capacities. 

Bryan began his nursing career in Pediatrics and the Pediatric ICU. He quickly transitioned into organ and tissue donation at Gift of Life Michigan, where he worked as a Donation Coordinator. 

His next role was in care management working with Medicare patient. His primary focus was managing patient rehabilitation plans. He focused on improving outcomes for patients who elected to receive a lower joint replacement under the Medicare BPCI bundle program. 

Bryan’s 18 years in sales, his experience as an RN and his deep experience of difficult circumstances in his own life, makes him an ideal person to open Senior Care Authority in Michigan. His strong desire to help others and guide them through tough medical decisions is why he decided to enter into elder care consulting. 

Bryan is here to help guide and coach families in Oakland and Livingston County through critical decision-makings regarding their loved ones’ care and well-being. He is passionate in his work, honest, responsible and builds strong, lasting relationships. He has many resources he will share with you and set your mind at ease knowing that your loved one will be cared for, respected and loved. 

Bryan’s mission is to find the most appropriate strategies for your loved one to ensure a smooth transition into the next phase of life. 

Bryan and his wife, also an RN, reside in Lake Orion, Michigan. They have three children, two of whom attend Michigan area colleges and their youngest in high school. In his spare time, Bryan enjoys sports and plays local competitive hardball, basketball and coaches varsity baseball for the area high school. He also enjoys being outdoors, traveling and spending time with family.


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