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Annamarie Buonocore

Annamarie Buonocore from San Mateo, California enjoys serving her local community and working with seniors and families. She is an entrepreneur at heart and has been in the publishing business for several years. She ran a nonprofit literary journal for a couple years and is the Associate Publisher of In Flight USA Magazine, a family-owned business for 33 years. 

Her family publishing company has included many publications over the years, including a senior magazine, a wine magazine, and an agricultural and livestock journal, which will make another debut in August 2017. In addition to her businesses, she is a member of Toastmasters International and is a writer who focuses on the Greek-Americans of the Midwest. She enjoys painting, singing, and dogs in her spare time. 

Two years ago, Buonocore lost her grandfather to Alzheimer's Disease. While she learned many things about the disease as he went through the process, she also learned a great deal about family. Buonocore has always cherished the concept of family and looks forward to aiding others as they go through a challenging process.

Buonocore believes her well-rounded sales and marketing experience as well as her academic training at San Jose State University will help her in the growth of her new franchise. At some point, she would like to incorporate a publication for families and seniors into her new business.

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Here in northern California we are entering our sixth day of fires in our beautiful counties.

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