10 Tips to Help Santa Rosa and Petaluma, California Seniors Move

10 Tips to Help Older Adults Move

Older Adults Need Extra Care During a Move

1. Be kind.  This may seem like a given. However, when helping to sort and pack their things, keep in mind that their eyesight and an inability to do everything they used to do can result in poor housekeeping habits. Instead of commenting, offer to clean as you pack and try not to criticize.

2. Help sort. Like all of us, seniors tend to keep things they don't necessarily need or will ever use. Be gentle when suggesting to get rid of possessions. Ask them if they use the item and if they would mind if you donate it. If it's a treasure or something they'd like to keep but the new space can't accommodate it, suggest keeping it in the family by giving it to a grandchild or another sibling. It's often easier to give away items if they're are going to a good home.

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